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2D in Retail:

Next generation barcodes to meet new expectations

Consumers, brand owners, retailers and regulators: it seems everyone wants to know more about products—and as a result, everyone is looking for better ways to access information about a product by scanning a code on its packaging.

The problem? Most barcodes today provide a very limited amount of information. Traditional barcodes are typically scanned by companies and organisations to access supply chain information for business systems. Traditional QR Codes are typically scanned by consumers to access a webpage with product information.

Discover the possibilities available for your product with next generation barcodes

Next-level business efficiencies

Next-level business efficiencies

In addition to holding the GS1 GTIN®, these high-capacity barcodes can also have a product’s batch or lot number, serial number, expiry date and more. With access to that data, business partners up and down the supply chain can boost transparency, improve inventory management, enable traceability and sustainability initiatives, reduce waste, and simplify recall and return processes.

Next-level consumer engagement

Next-level consumer engagement

QR Codes powered by GS1 give producers, brand owners and retailers new ways to connect with consumers and shoppers. Just by scanning one of these barcodes with a smartphone, consumers and shoppers can instantly see ingredients, allergens, recipes, rewards, promotions and more, as well as brand-authorised details about where the item was manufactured, facts about sustainable sourcing, guidance on recycling, easy ways to re-order and other kinds of information.

 Content Area Next-level point-of-sale

Next-level point-of-sale

Next generation barcodes can do more things for more people: both GS1 DataMatrix barcodes and QR Codes powered by GS1 standards bring a whole range of ways to improve business operations and deliver new experiences for consumers, simply by holding a lot more information while still going “beep” at the register.

Are you ready to take your product to the next level?

Use the 2D Pilot Toolkit to support the planning and execution of your next generation barcodes pilots and implementations.

2D Pilot toolkit

Examples from around the world

GS1 Australia Woolworths
Retail, Fresh foods
Woolworths Australia seeing multiple benefits from 2D barcodes
With more than 1,000 stores, Woolworths is the largest retailer in the Australia/New Zealand region,...
Brazilian gourmet shop scans the world’s first 2D barcode with a GS1 Digital Link
Retail, Fresh foods
Brazilian gourmet shop scans the world’s first 2D barcode with a GS1 Digital Link
Parla Deli is unlocking business value and connecting to customers by implementing the very latest G...
7-Eleven Thailand boosts consumer safety and satisfaction with next generation barcodes
7-Eleven Thailand boosts consumer safety and satisfaction with next generation barcodes
2D barcodes are providing consumers in Thailand a better experience at their local 7-Eleven

Global Migration Programme at GS1

GS1 is partnering with industry leaders to harness the power of the next generation barcodes to not only meet but exceed the increasing demands beyond the “beep” at the checkout.

This journey will enhance the experiences of consumers, brands, retailers, and everyone in between. GS1 is supporting industry around the world to harness the power of these barcodes to enable new business solutions for today...and into the future.

Discover how solution providers are preparing for next generation barcodes

To meet the needs of brand owners and retailers transitioning to scan next generation (2D) barcodes, solution providers must ensure their technology is ready. View the readiness criteria and see how ready each solution provider is to support 2D barcode scanning in stores.

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