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Welcome to the central library for all GS1 case studies. Use search or filters to discover case studies related to specific topics such as benefit, industry, service, standard or location.

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End-to-end product traceability enables safer, more efficient care for Lancashire.
Stock control was heavily reliant on manual processing, and orders and supplies were managed by a li...
blue coat
Reducing the global impact of environmentally harmful anaesthetic gases using a medical de...
95% of anaesthetic gases used in an operation are not metabolised by the patient so a significant pr...
Driver in truck
Transport & Logistics
e-CMR in GS1 Belgium
In April 2022, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg launched a pilot project on e-CMR together with 7 companies,...
Ethiopia: Laying foundations to fight substandard and falsified medicines
Using GS1 standards to trace surgical and dental instruments
Keeping track of many surgical instruments by visual inspection presented problems from a risk manag...
Exchanging data via GDSN as a foundation for traceability
To increase the safety and efficiency of medicine supply chains, healthcare leaders in Zambia are ke...
Union Farms: A leading pork producer achieves carbon neutrality in the name of sustainability
Retail, Fresh foods
Union Farms: A leading pork producer achieves carbon neutrality in the name of sustainabil...
Union Farms in Nebraska has addressed the challenge of measuring environmental impact in agriculture...
Innovation fuels the Johnson & Johnson GS1 Asset Management Platform
The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (J&J) is focused on ensuring the integrity and safety of t...
Implementing UDI on medical devices in Shenzhen – benefiting healthcare regulation and del...
There are increasing efforts to promote and implement the use of UDI for medical devices in China, b...